Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Couch Dilema

So, we're moving to a very pretty, very old house in Virginia (pictured above). It's nearly twice the house we have now and it has these awesome Technicolor walls inside. So, I'm scrounging around for furniture to fill up all of this extra space that we're going to have. A lot of it, okay all of it, is used but really nice stuff. I'll finally be able to have all of my little antique pieces of furniture and set them up someplace nice. We're all finally out of college and now perhaps we can stop looking like we live in a dorm room... except.... We have this couch:

I just don't know what to do with it. The cushions were shredded when it came from my mom's house so she had started to replace them with this big sheet of foam which I cut into cushions and attempted rather unsuccessfully to find something that kind of matched to cover them in. As you can see my quick and dirty recovering job which was never completely finished (I didn't get around to installing the zippers in the covers because I couldn't find any long enough) is kind of a moot point. This couch SO cannot go into my new house looking like this. I've thought about just freecycling it and getting the sleeper sofa out of my mom's basement but then I would have to get that thing to Virginia, and my memory of what the couch looks like and what it actually looks like are most likely not very similar.

So, do I try to recover this thing with mismatched fabric (not enough money to buy new fabric), staples, and glue? Do I keep a watch on Freecycle and see what pops up on there? Do I just take the green 1970's sleeper sofa from my mom's house that may have fleas? *sigh* I know it's a little thing but it's just ugly...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

First Ride

So, we're having a yard sale this weekend to get ready for the move and I talked to Rhys about putting his Walmart-special bike in it because he's never ridden it more than a few feet. Today, as i was getting my wheel back on my bike and hooking up the trailer he decided that he was going to ride. Well, he got on and it was tough going at first, we had to go inside and change his shoes and he would just kind of fall over rather than stopping the bike. However, he made it most of the way around the block and didn't whine or cry despite knocking himself over several times. After his first fall I made a big deal about falling being normal and took a picture. He had a little trouble getting up the hill on the other side of the block but I think that he would have been fine had he not been distracted by a couple of vehicles coming down the street, there's no sidewalk on the backside of the block and he was very concerned about getting hit so he stopped - in the middle of the right hand lane, and would not move.

He's decided to keep the bike rather than waiting to get a Trek for his birthday. I think that we may get him a trail-a-bike instead so that he can go longer distances more comfortably. We surprised Daddy when we got home and then MaLew by showing off how well Rhys rides. He seemed to get up the hill just fine when showing MaLew so hopefully he's got it down now. Next, we work on the rules of the road!

A $5 fix

We're finally back in town, the majority of hubby's thesis work is completed, it looks like he's just got a couple of edits to do and then the defense. Yea! We found a house in Emporia to rent, it's big and gorgeous and scary. It's a 1910 Victorian with Technicolor walls. Hubby is going to sell his car and we're planning on living predominantly using the bikes. We will have to use the car to get to church because an LDS chapel is the only thing that we don't have close by. However, there are church members nearby so that's nice.

I'm in the process of making up a couple of bike purses to sell. I'm going to sew some and do a couple on the knitting machine. I've been carrying it even when I'm not on the bike and it gets rave reviews everywhere from cyclists and those who aren't fortunate enough to like cycling yet.

Hubby took my rim in to the Bike Shop yesterday and got it fixed. Happily, Billy was able to just straiten it out. So, that's a $5 fix rather than replacing the rim! Yea! I'm getting out on the bike today, I have really needed the stress relief and it's been quite hard to not fall back on stress eating this month.