Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Selfish crafting

So, my birthday is coming up. Having said that I've decided to take this week to make stuff for me. So often the things that I make are presents or items for sale on Etsy that I forget that I have this whole list of stuff that I'd like to make for me. Truthfully, if my poor dear husband wasn't working his fingers to the bone already I'd ask him to knit me a scarf out of this fabulous ball of yarn that I got for Christmas.

So, what am I making myself?
A scarf, specifically this scarf

A pair of socks to wear in the temple because my feet always get cold and regular socks just don't cut it.

and a pin cushion! I know the pin cushion doesn't seem all that great but it's pictured with my old one, I think that you'll agree that it's time for something new! (The new one is the pretty square one.)

And... for some unselfish crafting I did finally finish Al's apron.

We've been walking rather than riding lately. Rhys is getting pretty heavy and the walks wear him out a bit, which is appreciated. He's nowhere near road ready yet. The poor kid still jumps if we're walking on the sidewalk and a car comes up unexpectedly.