Friday, August 29, 2008

We're in

So, we're technically moved in. The church as it turns out had a spare couch from when they moved so... we have that (actually it's a couch and 2 wingback chairs) now. Unfortunately I now need to get rid of the old couch. So, what do you do when you don't seem to have a local freecycle or craigslist? I'm considering putting it on the curb and seeing if someone picks it up.

So far the town seems pretty cycle-able. I took the kids way further into town than I intended the other day and didn't have any real problems short of one middle aged white guy in a sports car listening to booty music. I mean seriously, roll up the windows and watch where you're going Mr. Midlife Crisis. Even that wasn't all that bad. There are A LOT of cyclists here! Unfortunately very few of them wear helmets which I find kind of sad. Is your brain worth $20? I think it is.

I would actually be off riding down to the Hardware Store right now, except that someone has to be home so that Verizon can install a phone jack INSIDE the house. Yes, I specified INSIDE. Meaning that the current phone jack is OUTSIDE! Who puts the phone jack outside!?

Pictures to come soon!

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