Saturday, December 20, 2008

Where have I been? Not Blogging....

So, I haven't been blogging recently for a couple of reasons:

1: I primarily blog about cycling here (on the blog for those of you reading on Facebook) and until two days ago the bike was out of commission and has been for at least a month and a half. Derek had taken off the rear wheel and neither of us had found time to put it back on! Seriously! Every time we would remember it would be late at night or we'd be at least 15 miles away from the bike! I am not back in the saddle again yet but I hope to be soon. Instead we've been walking to the library with our friends down the street unless it was too cold or raining. I do still have grand goals regarding cycling though and hopefully will be getting moving on those soon.

2: I've been out of town a lot or have had company in. A few weeks ago I went down to help my MIL move out of her old house and into my old house AKA Grandma's house. Then we went back as a family to bring a UHaul up to Virginia with a load of furniture and a piano for my darling SIL. This was immediately followed by Rhys' birthday and Thanksgiving! Busy busy busy!

3: I've been crafting. I've been crafting a lot. Check the Picture:
There are:
2 fleece blankets
2 calendars
1 photobook
3 sets of fingerless gloves
1 scarf
1 headwrap
2 pair of socks and the beginnings of a third
1 pair of felted slippers with antiskid paint dots on the bottum
1 purse
1 Adipose Doll
1 lingerie bag with cute applique detail
1 flash drive with every digital picture ever taken of the boys (this doesn't sound like much but it was a days worth of work sorting through all of my pictures to just get them).
AND 1 Quilt which REAL quilters shouldn't look at too closely because it will make your head implode.

and this is just Christmas.... I made some stuff for Rhys' birthday to that's not pictured, not to mention all of the cookies and my failed attempt at homemade pretzels!

So, that's what I've been up to and where I've been. Rhys' hair is finally growing back in and Alistairs hair is overgrown again!

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