Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Pine Tree Breeze

So, I made it through the Pine Tree Breeze. There would be pictures but it poured! I was going to hook up my panniers and carry my camera in one to keep it dry OR put my camera in my messenger bag and strap it to the rack on my bike BUT.... I thought I might look silly on a 10 mile ride with panniers and hubby took the bungee chords off of my rack. Thus, I had no dry place to store the camera.

The ride was fun even though the second we started riding the rain started to come down. I was not the slowest rider - yea me! I did however hang back with the slowest rider as I felt personally responsible for roping her into the ride. Um yeah.... guilt was a powerful motivator there. Quite frankly, I figured that since in general she's in better shape than me that she could do it and that she would smoke me off the line and I wouldn't see her until the end when I would gasp into the parking lot and collapse. It was the other way around. In her defense her bike was kind of... okay... not a nice bike. I offered multiple times to trade. I really do think that had she traded that she would have been much more comfortable and we would have been able to ride together but as is she walked up the hills while I waited on her or I rode back and did the hill again.

ANYWAY, I did not huff and puff! I did not once feel tired or winded or like I should just crash for a while. I did not have to be carried. I also had enough energy at the end of the ride to do some gardening and play outside with the kids. Next year, I'm going to try for 30 miles.

On a side note, apparently Weight Watchers only lets you count 30 min. of cycling as exercise. That is so not cool Weight Watchers! I like you and your clapping meetings even less now! AND your program IS A DIET! Do you think that people are actually going to spend their entire lives counting points?!!!

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