Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A busy few weeks

It' s been a busy few weeks. We've been to Atlanta twice and therefore I really haven't had much time to blog. I'm still riding; although, we've had a cold front come through which made it very hard to get motivated this week. Truthfully, it's not that cold. I just spent until about noon yesterday not having enough sense to put on socks and a sweater. Had I done that I would have been ready to face the day; instead I hung around in bare feet with my long sleeved T-shirt and griped about how cold I was.

Derek and I did take a ride with Al just before dinner. We went just shy of 2 miles and when we pulled in Al asked me if we could go again. So, wonderful Derek went in and with minimal instruction broiled some salmon while I took Al out for another mile and a half. Al did take some pictures but I can't seem to get my card reader to read SD cards today so... no pics. (edit: I have procured a new reader so here are some new pictures)

I did 7 miles by myself last week. I do think that the 10 mile ride that we've planned to participate in next Saturday will wipe me out. The 7 miles kind of took the wind out of my sails. I'm pretty sure that I could have made it 10 but I was already running late so I didn't try. I did about 5 the following day. Perhaps it was all the time out in the sun those 2 days because I was just exhausted through the weekend. We spent the greater portion of both days outside working in the garden and I just couldn't get moving to do anything last weekend.

So... lazy lazy me! I'm definitely going to get out and go buy bananas today as the kids have been asking about them.

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