Thursday, February 28, 2008

Some Bike related knitting

Yesterday (Wednesday) we devoted some time to a little bike maintenance. My old bike was in desperate need of attention and my new shiny one just needed a going over with a cloth. I also needed a homebody day to get some designing and knitting done.

Okay, so in truth it was cold. We've had a couple of weeks of rather pleasant 60 something degree weather and suddenly it dropped to 40. I know that this isn't cold for most but for us delicate southern flowers (ha ha) it's just freezing. I am suddenly rather glad that I haven't started the garden yet. It was a tempting thought for a while.

Anyway, I used the machine to knit up a neck warmer and a hat. I also spent a great deal of time plotting out a pattern for a matching sweater. The sweater took most of my time. In a slight stroke of vanity, the yarn matches my bike (I just so happened to have found it on sale a few weeks ago). In my knitting adventures I have gotten as close to perfecting my seaming as possible due to the fact that everything I do on the machine must be seamed. I've also written out measurements to draft a T-shirt pattern.

Today (Thursday) I tested out my little neck warmer and the hat that I made to go under my helmet. They worked rather well on our little trip to the post office this evening. It was a significantly tougher ride pulling both kids than it was week before last when I just took little Al. I made it though, despite the fact that I wound up in as close to we get to "traffic" around here. Rhys fell asleep on the ride, or pretended to fall asleep, I'm not sure which.

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