Friday, February 29, 2008

Sore and Tired

I hurt, I'm tired. Al was up for a good portion of the night last night so hopefully it's just lack of sleep. I do have to say that I'm appreciating the rush of energy I've been getting just post ride. I've been using that energy to get though cooking dinner every night. I am a little achy though.

The kids wanted to go to the dollar store today. So, we rode down there picked up a couple of cheap toys, dropped by the grocery store and got home just in time to start movie night. I did manage to close my foot in the trailer while folding it down - OUCH. I didn't have time to take care of it when it happened and now my foot is a lovely shade of blue. Let's hope that it works tomorrow because the kids are fascinated with the idea of riding the bike down to the gas station. The gas station? I have no clue why.

Tomorrow is also St. David's day. I figured that I'd try to celebrate with the kids but I really can't come up with much other than coloring pages to do. I was going to make leek soup but there were no leeks at the grocery store. So, no leek soup. Oh well... coloring pages it is. Well, coloring pages and the gas station.

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