Friday, March 14, 2008

Big Day

Yesterday we had a pretty big day. I woke up to find that we were out - totally out of toilet paper. Fortuately there was some kleenex but the lack of TP meant a trip to the store. Mwahahahaha! We loaded up in the bike and trailer and headed off to the store early. The kids and I ended up spending the morning out. We walked the store, went over to the herb store, and then hit the dollar store. They're all in the same shopping center so it was pretty easy. We made it home in time for lunch and naptime.

I then aquired the final fused shadow on Zelda and proceeded to clean the livingroom and the den. Yea me! I got it all done! Okay, so the kids (under pain of no video games) picked up their toys. Granted, everything is already messed up again but.... it was clean when our home teachers came over. I also made it out and fertilized the garden. The kids got to splash in the huge rain puddles that have collected on one side of the yard too.

It was a banner day - house clean - dollar store toys - garden tended - games played - bike ridden - kids bathed (and not just in the puddle) - and everyone had a healthy dinner and to top it all of the kids got in bed ON TIME! We have GOT to do that again some time.

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