Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Park AND The Art Stroll

On Thursday out of despiration and frustration with cooped up kids I finally psyched myself up for the trip to the park. It was fun, the kids had a blast. Daddy showed up on his way home from school (he'd been there overnight ) and both kids decided that they wanted to ride home with him. Unfortunately, Daddy's car was sans car seat. So, I pulled the kids home much to their chagrin because they wanted Daddy. It was a really hard ride but I'm glad that I did it. The kids had a blast at the park and I proved to myself that even though I end up only going like 2mph at certain points I can make it to the park and back. I was totally wiped out though. We're talking asking the hubby to go pick up pizza wiped out. We ended up having both pizza and mac'n'cheese (homemade mac, I don't do that box thing often) because the kids were undecided about the pizza. I could barely move for the rest of the evening though. Going to the park not only involves a close to 2 mile trip but in addition - running, lots of running. I may do it again sometime soon.

Yesterday was very stormy as was Thursday morning (and today for that matter). We're talking wet and muddy. As I have said previously monsoon season is here. I'm either going to be quite glad that I went ahead and planted the garden or really upset to find everything has washed away in a week or two when things should be sprouting. I spent the rainy days sewing some new clothes that will be more comfortable on the bike (lightweight stuff that wicks without looking like I'm trying to be something I'm not). So, I bought some lightweight stretch material the other day and I finally got around to stitching some shirts up. They're totally from scratch - as in NO pattern - I took some measurements and cut out the pieces using just my handy scissors and cutting mat. I also finished the construction portion of my sweater that I've knit to match my bike. I'm planning on putting some flowers on it to make it match the bike even more (I'm wearing that in the pic of me and the kids at the fountain).

Today, the weather finally let up this evening so we took the kids to The Art Stroll. The galleries in town open up to the public on the second Saturday of every month the kids were interested and needed to walk around a bit so we loaded them up in the trailer and headed downtown. The kids needed to walk around incidentally because they snuck candy 3 times today. This resulted in us having to give Rhys Benedryl for his peanut allergy because he ate something that "may contain peanuts" during his chocolate induced crime spree.

It started with the kids waking up early and finding the chocolate that I forgot to give Hubby for Valentines day (hubby found it in my car and had just brought it into the house last night). They ate a bar and a half of 65-75% cocoa Russian chocolate (they're BIG bars). We were then stuck in the house for most of the day due to stormy weather this morning. Have you ever tried being stuck in the house with two kids under 5 who are both sugared and caffeinated?! It was not for the faint of heart. But I did not yell, I did not scream.

The second incident happened at MaLew's house. The kids found the infamous peanut laced Easter candy hidden someplace and ate the whole package of mini chocolate bunnies. There was much talking and scolding, and a lie that we were fortunate enough to uncover in time to dose Rhys with Benedryl. After a couple of hours of observation we let them out of our sight again only to discover that they had found more candy and eaten it. WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?!!!! Rhys and I had a long talk about the dangers of him randomly eating candy. But anyway... the kids were hyped up on sugar and it needed to burnt off before bed so - to The Art Stroll.

The kids kind of looked at the art on display, they made a wish in the fountain in the center of town, and they walked. We walked them around until they seemed totally wiped out and tucked them back into the trailer to come home. So, we rode at night again. Derek borrowed my blue mitts on the way home because his hands were cold/hurting and my sweater has built in fingerless mitts. Now, I have a new project... mitts for Derek because my blue ones are a little too girly and sparkley for him. Anyway, the kids didn't go to sleep on the ride home but it sure looked like it! They went to sleep relatively quickly though - I think that they crashed from the sudden drop in sugar levels. LOL

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